Art Works

Artist Statement

ART is Entertainment

I want to shatter the image of art exhibitions as being difficult and galleries as being stuffy and difficult to enter. I want to advocate art that is like a spectacular show that everyone wants to see and experience. We need people to tell the history, but the art I lead is more free and fun.

My motto is <Normal is enemy, simple is trap> I create chaotic and new works. incorporated the elements of Art & Craft into her work, and is exploring the depths of pictorial expression using mixed media and collage techniques in a self-taught production style that utilizes a colorful sense of color and fun. Osawa's idea of art is entertainment, and goal is to create works that make you feel the "sun". I will call it "Warm". It is something that cannot be seen with the eyes, but can be felt. Mana" is my name and the concept of power, and I continue to create my works with the intention of bringing energy and power to all viewers by releasing these elements from my works.
My key color is red.
Red is the color of blood, which all humans and almost all living things possess. Red is the color of blood, which is found in all humans and almost all living things. It can represent not only vitality, but also victory, celebration, and passion.